About Me (also known as the "Why do I care?")

I have two blogs. The one I started first is just for fun and I write on it sporadically. It is fun and frivolous.

The next one that I have just started(4/3/2011)has much more meaning. I am one of the over 4% of the adult population that has ADD/ADHD as a report by the National Institute of Mental Health. This number is debated by many as that number is thought to be much higher, in the 10 to 20 percent range of the entire population. Don't het me wrong, I am not one of those people that see ADD in every kid that has a little problem in paying attention to a boring teacher. In fact those are the worst kind of people as they lend to the doctors that have told me that there is nothing wrong with me. When in all reality it is a great burden that people really have to deal with, but it is a much over-used excuse for people who want to blame their rotten child on something. Again not all that way I just have a passionate hate for those that are! lol.

I recently watched a special on ADD and the affects of that it actually has on peoples lives and the depth that it messes with your everyday workings. This is when I realzed that a lot of the problems that I have been dealing with my whold life were actually due to the ADD that I didn't really even believe that I was battling.

Also I am a journalism and writing student. There are 2 aspects of that information that I find significant. First the obvious connection of a writing student and a blog. The other is an adult going back to school and having to deal with ADD. This is going to be a crazy ride and writing about is the easiest way for me to deal with it, and since I have to write about it I might as well put it up here so that if anyone else wants to read it and it helps them to be able to deal then that is great thing as well.