Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Opened Eyes

So since I have decided to take this journey, I have been seeing the symptoms everywhere and in everyone. I'm watch T.V and see a character who won't sit down and is pacing the interrogation room and in my head for that split second I am saying I wonder if he has it?

Its worse in looking at myself though. I am sure that because I am reading about it magically my symptoms have gotten so much out of the blue, but sitting down and doing my homework has become so much harder. I don't think that it really has though. I am starting to just pay attention to how hard it really is for me to write a 1500 word essay on my career plans for the next 2 years. These thing that I have always thought were hard, I am starting to see as so much harder know because I am looking for and seeing the huge rope that is tying me to the couch playing the same repetitive game video game that I have been playing for months.

I have also been noticing how much I will be in the middle of doing something important such as working on an end of the year project due tomorrow, and my head will remind me that I wanted to check that one NBA stat that I have been wanting to know for weeks and keep forgetting to look up and that know that I have remembered to do it I better minimize Word and open the internet to check it now or I will forget.

I knew that in the beginning of this journey things would be rough, but straight up this being a pain in the a$$ so far. I have to get to the part where I learn to start dealing with it or my head just may explode.